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Catalina's Windows are sturdy, energy efficient construction and clean sight lines provide the perfect balance of form and function. Below are many other reasons to choose our windows...

Reflective Coatings

ClimaGuardheat reflective coatings are microscopically thin layers of metal & metal oxide that act like a filter - some energy is transmitted, some energy is reflected. climaguard glass



heatseal spacer

Air Filtration

"Reduced air infiltration combined with proper ventilation can not only reduce your energy bills but it can also improve the quality of your indoor air. Outdoor air that leaks indoors makes it difficult to maintain comfort and energy efficiency. In addition, air leakage accounts for 25-40% of the energy used for heating and cooling in a typical home."


Energy Saving Packages

deluxe package and Triple Glazed Window Package

Be Creative

We have many styles and options. Let us help you choose the right window for the right job. Call Catalina today and asked for new Windows at 856-783-0029.

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ClimaGuard is a trademark of Guardian Industries Corp.